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I have nearly 30 years experience of working with dogs, including breeding, showing and training them. I started by working in kennels, then petsitting and eventually dog walking and home boarding.  I have 6 of my own and they are my life. The different ages and temperaments make it a great place for dogs to come and stay and learn to socialise!

Oink is my gorgeous little black labrador born in 2012 that I proudly showed at Crufts 2013.  She's achieved her Gold Good Citizen and participates in agility when she can be bothered.  She enjoys being in the showring and has produced the fabulous Squeal and Snout in her first litter.

Squeal & Snout are sisters from Oink and they couldn't be more chalk and cheese! Squeal is a showgirl and loves the attention and has proved herself in agility by winning out of Grade 3. She qualified for Crufts 2015 at her 2nd ever show by getting Best Puppy in Show at Lancaster Open - a very proud moment.  She has also qualified for 2016.

Snout does very nicely in the show ring but has an aloof attitude towards exercise and effort. She is a very snuggly puppy though and an adorable face that cannot be said no to - she has qualified on multiple occasions for Crufts including Cartmel Best in Show 2015. She has now gained her Studbook Number meaning she has qualified for crufts for life. Both Snout & Squeal gained their Kennel Club Bronze Good Citizen at Driffield Champ show when they were just 6 months.

Bat is my fabulous working cocker that I was lucky enough to adopt from a rescue down south. She is such a quick learner and has a fantastic drive that comes out at agility. She has won many classes and she has taught me a lot about agility handling.She is currently Grade 6 

Truffle is my first Field Spaniel but definitely won't be my only one.  She passed her Bronze Good Citizen at just 4 months old! She is a lovely laid back little poppet that has done extraordinarily well in the showring gaining her Junior Warrant and qualifying her for Crufts for life.

Trotter is the new addition: she's a true Flyenpyg baby from Snout (Flyenpyg Snout Better) and Zappa (Flyenpyg Streaky Bacon of Wrightpaw SHCM). At just 7 months she qualified for Crufts 2018 and passed her Good citizen Bronze award. 

Rainbow Bridge

Puddle was my beautiful Irish Water Spaniel - a rare breed that regularly made me laugh and cry due to her infuriating intelligence - she taught me so much in the different ways of training dogs because she was always 5 steps ahead of me! She achieved her Gold Good Citizen and gained a 2nd at Crufts in 2012. She excelled at trick training and I learnt so much from her short life.  

Pig, my chocolate labrador, was born 2007: she gained her Gold Kennel Club Good Citizen Award, was Grade 3 Agility and regularly participated in conformation shows: qualifiying for Crufts 2015 & 16 and her greatest achievement was Best Veteran In Breed at Welsh Kennel Club 2016. In 2010, Pig had 12 piglets and she was particularly proud when her son Zappa qualified for Crufts.  Pig was a lovable, loyal friend with a small brain but was always willing to try and please her mummy! RIP Pig 2017 - the inspiration for Flyenpygs

I hold an Animal First Aid Certificate, an Animal Psychology Certificate and am fully insured.

I pride myself in being reliable and flexible as your dog's welfare is my main concern. 

To discuss the options available, simply use the contact us page and have a chat.