Walk The Dog


Most of the time we use my own secure field which is fabulous!  There is an interactive area full of large toys, sandpits, troughs and water toys where dogs can play and search for biscuits. When it's hot, the dogs can play as much as they like or rest in the shade.  For the energetic, there is over an acre of long grass to play and chase in, whilst the older or less sprightly dogs can potter to their hearts content.

The beaches at Bolton-Le-Sands, Hest Bank, Crag Bank, Cockerham Sands & Glasson Dock are my (and the dog's) favourite places to walk especially when the tide's out as we can walk for miles and play as much as we like for a treat.


That's up to you! If you're looking for someone to walk on a daily basis whilst you're at work then I'll design a schedule around that. Equally, you may be looking for someone to help whilst you're on holiday as a temporary walker - just contact us for details.

It's just up to you to decide how often you want to treat Rufus!


The dogs are picked up in a fixed crate system, fully equipped van with non-slip flooring so you know your dogs are safe when travelling.  Water is available at all times via non-spill bowls.  Generally dogs are walked in groups as I find they have more fun: if you're unsure whether your dog will be happy in a group, call me for a chat.  

I aim to have all dogs eventually walking off lead for the hour - after all that's the best way to have fun! All treats, poo bags and leads are provided - I just ask that you provide a safe collar or harness for your dog to walk in. 

Ordinarily,  I will have a key to your house so I can collect and return your dog at leisure - if the weather's good we may stay out for longer and by having a key you're not forced to sit in and wait for us.   


There are many reasons to use a trained and professional dog walker.

I know that time is precious - that's why I offer you the opportunity to let me 'walk whilst you work'. That means that when you return tired from your work, you know that your dog's equally tired from theirs!

Whilst I don't offer training in a formal sense - all dogs will learn manners whilst they're out with me - walking on a loose lead, recall and not jumping up are just some of the things I like all the dogs to do.

Holidays/hospital stays/demanding work schedules may mean that you'll only require my services for a relatively short period of time but I'm only a phone call away should you need me again.

Obese pets are on the increase - That extra hour run on the beach with me can really make a difference!

New puppies or older dogs need regular smaller walks which we cater for. Instead of returning to a mess, we can help train your puppy or just let old faithful retain his dignity.


Single dog for a 1 hour walk from £10. (prices may vary according to the amount of extra mileage but we'll always discuss this with you first). 

Contact us for more information